Запчасти для К700

Запчасти для К700

Запчасти для К700

Запчасти для К700



№ п/п
Наименование Цена, руб.
1 ЦГ-125.50х400.11-01 Гидроцилиндр подъема навесного оборудования,рулевого управления 14417,11
2 ЦГ-125.63.40х400.11 Г/цилиндр рулевого управления 22546,68
3 ЦГ-125.63х630.12 Г/цилиндр перекоса отвала 23583,61
4 ЦГ-125х50х400.11 Г/цилиндр подъема навесного оборудования КИРОВЕЦ (К-700) 11749,61
5 Амортизатор (капот) G102303001070 AR27 AR2701000N 2165,04
6 Амортизатор КПП АКСС-220М К-700 700.00.17.170 477,24
7 Болт М16*1,5*50 ГОСТ 7796-70 37,83
8 Вал гибкий 700А.00.17.160 105,73
9 Вал карданный 700А.42.39.000-02 10327,59
10 Валик 700А.17.00.038-3 353,08
11 Валик 700А.17.01.231 (завод) 365,69
12 Валик-рейка 700А.17.01.495 488,88
13 Вилка 700А.17.01.143-2 866,21
14 Вилка 700А.17.01.144-2 1002,98
15 Втулка 700А.17.01.296 464,63
16 Втулка 700А.17.01.297 420,98
17 Втулка 700А.17.04.017 (17.04.025-1) 155,2
18 Втулка вертикального шарнира 700.28.00.023 365,69
19 Г/распределитель ГА-35000 2226,15
20 Гайка стремянки М27 74,69
21 Диск 700А.17.01.037-1 365,69
22 Диск 700А.17.01.038-2 365,69
23 Диск 700А.17.01.049 1225,11
24 Клапан 700.17.16.107+седло 700.17.16.108 520,89
25 Клапан гидромеханический 744Р-4600010-1 1731,45
26 Клин 700.17.01.482 193,03
27 Клин установочный 700А.28.00.021 198,85
28 Колодка 700.00.23.110 1312,41
29 Колодка тормозная 700.17.01.417-1 452,99
30 Кольцо 700.17.01.027 11,64
31 Кольцо 700.17.01.028 309,43
32 Кольцо 700.17.01.399 21,34
33 Кольцо 700.23.02.037-1 32,01
34 Кольцо 700.28.00.012 1008,8
35 Кольцо 700А.17.01.016-1 644,08
36 Кольцо 700А.17.01.023-2 334,65
37 Кольцо 700А.17.01.051-2 409,34
38 Кольцо 700А.17.01.101-1 80,51
39 Кольцо 700А.17.01.458-1 217,28
40 Кольцо 700А.17.01.459 279,36
41 Кольцо 700А.17.01.497 211,46
42 Кран ПП-8 700А.11.00.080-1 309,43
43 Кронштейн 700А.17.02.042 680,94
44 Крышка 700.22.13.017 1188,25
45 Крышка 700А.17.01.416-1 977,76
46 Кулак разжимной тормоза 700А.23.00.018 1472,46
47 Лента 700.28.00.016-2 285,18
48 Манжета 700.28.00.040-1 (360*400) 285,18
49 Манжета КПП К-700 700.17.01.324-1 62,08
50 Муфта 6010.16.00.026 928,29
51 Муфта 700.17.01.096 2412,39
52 Муфта 700А.16.02.024 ст.обр. 693,55
53 Муфта 700А.16.02.024-1 303,61
54 Муфта 700А.16.02.025 576,18
55 Муфта 700А.16.02.025-1 303,61
56 Муфта 700А.17.01.097 2054,46
57 Накладка тормозная 700.23.00.081 347,26
58 Опора средняя в сб. 700.17.01.130+крышка 700.17.01.590 3810,16
59 Ось вертикального шарнира в сборе 700А.28.00.010 2832,4
60 Палец 700А.34.00.012 730,41
61 Планка стопорная 700.28.00.047-1 99,91
62 Поршень 700А.17.01.418 309,43
63 Привод останова двигателя 700.11.08.200-2 680,94
64 Привод останова двигателя 701.11.08.010 680,94
65 Прижим (клин) 700.31.00.011 285,18
66 Пробка 700.17.16.103 347,26
67 Прокладка 700.17.01.398 23,28
68 Прокладка 700.28.00.048-03 (толстая) 173,63
69 Пружина 700.17.01.034-1 23,28
70 Пружина 700.17.16.105-2 99,91
71 Р/к ведущего вала КПП К-700, 700А, 701 717,8
72 Р/к КПП (паронит) К-700А, К-701 928,29
73 Регулятор давления Р11 323,01
74 Регулятор расхода К-700 700А.34.06.000-2 4811,2
75 Ремнабор гидроусилителя руля К-701 90,21
76 Ремнабор РТИ для ремонта ГУРа К-700 (распр. с редуктором) 53,35
77 Рычаг 700А.17.19.610 732,35
78 Рычаг тормоза (трещетка) 700.23.00.020 1793,53
79 Стакан 700.22.13.022 (НОВЫЙ) 1250,33
80 Стакан 700А.17.01.033-1 22,31
81 Стекло боковое переднее 700.67.00.104-02 (250х575) 285,18
82 Стекло лобовое и заднее 700.67.00.104-03 (822х572) 556,78
83 Тормоз стояночный 700А.00.23.100 13332,65
84 Фланец инжектора 701.00.10.230 717,8
85 Шестерня 6010.16.00.022 2412,39
86 Шестерня 700.17.01.077 3030,28
87 Шестерня 700А.16.02.065-1 (z-36) 2226,15
88 Шестерня 700А.17.01.043-2 4019,68
89 Шестерня 700А.17.01.056 (z-24) 3562,81
90 Шестерня 700А.17.01.300R (к-т) 928,29
91 Шестерня 701.16.02.023-1 2659,74
92 Электродвигатель 700.15.01.000 (12в, 220вт) 928,29





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    Know what grows in your own region. Possibly the large range
    regarding seed bouts supplied on-line, it is easy to get drew into your idea
    of expanding everything plus anything! Throughout
    reality, though, solely several of them
    may blossom in your own personal regional setting.
    Study through to your area and what vegetation could survive.

    If you would like your garden to be a success,
    concentration on your soil. To be able to protect your plants from unwanted pests, this
    is essential to have healthy dirt. It will feed your
    own personal vegetation and help them all grow into strong crops that can fight off ailment and harm from bugs.

    Are you wondering in case you need to water your backyard?

    One good way to tell is usually to simply walk across this.
    If you can see your footprints, you do have a dehydrated yard.

    Every week, your lawn should be having about one inch involving liquid.

    If you reside in an spot just where it doesn't
    rain regularly, make sure to offer your lawn this "footprint test"
    whenever you're not positive if it's had sufficiently to drink.

    When planting your veg garden a person must do not forget that some plants do
    not grow well together while others carry out.

    Remember that some flowers cannot be planted future to each one
    different, so you must avoid a number of combinations. For instance,
    brokkoli cannot be planted beside tomato, and so upon.

    To keep your flowers from suffering irreparable damage, be sure to check out them to get bugs in addition to various illnesses at least once some sort
    of week. These troubles are much easier to handle if captured quickly, plus monitoring these individuals
    directly can keep them through spreading to other plants. Exploration ways to
    treat common problems so that you'll be prepared for whatever an individual encounter.

    To be convinced a tree doesn't turn into a problem with age, think of what dimension it is going to become before a person plant the idea.
    The best place for a sapling may possibly not be a great area for some sort of tree several years in the future.
    You should be mainly careful not to ever plant a good tree very closely for you
    to your house, as this root base can cause damage.

    A helpful solution to get getting purge of some slugs in your garden is to set out a new gift basket involving beer.
    Just get a small plastic mug or container (plastic margarine bowl works great) and even tuck it into your
    own garden beds near the area where the slugs are seen to appear.
    Be sure the lip of the dish is level to the
    ground in addition to then fill up it using ale. The beer allures the slugs into often the dish where they might block.
    You will have for you to dispose of the particular slugs and reset this beverage "trap" every partners nights, but your slugs is going
    to disappear.

    Install a sprinkler system to water your current garden. It might be
    difficult to help find the time to be able to water your current plants every day, especially in the event you work outside of the property.

    Right hydration is significant to the good results associated with your garden, so putting in a simple sprinkler method
    can save you time and strength.

    To have the most effective blossom garden pick plant life
    of which bloom at diverse times during the the growing
    season. This is possible to get varieties of plants
    together with flowers that full bloom through January
    until Late based on where you survive. By means of planting plants that peak at different instances
    of the season you may ensure that there is usually always colour and life in your backyard.

    Establish a precise schedule to know when you should place your
    seeds. Even in the event you are growing your own personal plants indoors, you
    need to abide by a new schedule the fact that matches
    the season and exterior temperature. Spend some time period on your own schedule at this beginning of a year
    and you should turn out to be able to improve this the next year.

    Start your current organic garden together with a good tactical strategy.

    This helps you understand where exactly each plant
    may go within your garden hence that you can increase the particular few hours you have to
    garden each day. As part of the plan, take information about what
    plants you may value to replace short-lived vegetation like spinach and lettuce.

    You should continue your seeds wet devoid of drowning them within normal water.

    Spray water over the soil to maintain this moist, and place often the pots or these trays around which you have the plant seeds in water
    thus that the garden soil can certainly absorb the water.
    Make sure you replace the water in which the pots are standing regularly.

    By incorporating a nice layer associated with bio-degradable material (mulch) around your plants,
    you can utilize often the natural pest-fighting ability inside of the
    mulch to stop potential predators or innovators in order to your plants.

    By locating a one to two half inch layer close to your plant life, you
    are likewise including a new source of nutrition and
    a source connected with water.

    Sometimes when an individual are growing vegetables or perhaps fruits, it can be useful to slice off
    fresh formed buds or other non-fruit supporting areas.
    This will stimulate the particular progress of heavier fruit for the reason that
    the plant re-routes nutrition to where its growth should be navigating.
    When being careful your garden, they have important to make the particular differentiation between harvesting
    the plant, or encouraging their growth.

    Make use of soap upon your plants. Not quite a bit
    is worse than the terrible aphid pest. The crops will look awful, and
    eventually die, if the bugs keep on to work on your plants.
    To be able to get clear of these individuals now, fill a twig container with dish soap and water.
    Bottle of spray thoroughly, and do it again because needed.

    By staying real to the formulation plus finding ways to carry out
    it into your growing garden, you can be sure of which
    each season is far more beautiful than the last. You no longer need to be born using the green thumb as soon as you can adhere
    to these types of regulations and simply develop one right on your current hand!

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